A spectacular finale that is
a favorite of Retirement Communities, Blacklight Illuminated and Flourescent Juggling create a stunning light show that takes the performanace to another level, surprising senses with color and sound.

Amazing juggling tricks with balls,
 rings, clubs, and poi swings
are seen from a whole new perspective when viewed under the blacklight.
This performance creates a magical and unforgettable finale.

Illuminated props are wonderful for evening strolling entertainment as well.

For outdoor shows, combine illuminated performance with fire juggling for
a full 45 minute interactive light show!
Light Show juggler LED Juggler Light Show Poi Swings Juggler Juggling Light Show
Insured - Experienced - Professional - Fun!
Enjoy Video of the Light Show Below:

“We had a great time- the show was incredible!”

“Simply Amazing!”

“The acts blend beautifully with the music”

“The best was left for last- magnificent!”

“The blacklight show left them breathless”

Light Show Finale